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Saturday, August 30th, 2008

James informed me the other day that Allison had more post than Carter…  So, Carter has been the subject of my last three posts.  Maybe he’s catching up.  It is interesting to note that posts about him are not necessarily about cuteness…  Stinkerism.  Morning Bath.  And Oh Little Guy!!  It seems that posts about him are about timeouts, destruction, and illness.  Not the preferred method of getting attention in Mommy’s blog!

Oh Little Guy!!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Our little guy is in bad shape.  (Nothing terribly startling, Grandma, just a couple things that make you say, “Awww”.)  We took Carter to Good Night Pediatrics tonight – it’s a walk-in pediatric clinic that is open every night from 5 pm – 5 am.  Great place to have near us! 

We came home with three prescriptions…  Nystatin for a yeasty rash in his diaper area.  Oral antibiotics for an infection in his… um… diaper area.  And a cream for the burn he sustained from the hot toaster oven this morning.  His burn is on two fingers and it blistered on one, so they gave us the cream and instructions on how to change the “dressing” two times a day.  Oh little guy!

He’s taking it fairly well – at bedtime we discussed his tiny burn…repeatedly

CARTER:  Boo-boo.  Toash. 
ME:  Yes, Carter, did you get a boo-boo from the toaster oven? 
CARTER:  Huh.  (Which means “yes” in Carter-ese.)
CARTER:  Toash.  Toash.  Toash.
ME:  Toast?  
CARTER:  Huh.  Toash.  Boo-boo.
ME:  Uh-huh.  Boo-boo from the toaster oven.
CARTER:  Toash.  Toash. Toash…toash…toash…

Until I left the room…

Morning Bathtime

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

It’s Saturday morning and Mommy got to sleep late.  Daddy decided to put the kids in the tub to contain them and keep them quiet.  They were playing nicely when I got up.  Then, James and I were in the computer room and we hear Allison calling us – James gets up to go see what is going on and then I hear…

No, no, no, no, NO!  You can’t get out of the bathtub!

 I imagine there are little wet foot prints out there from Carter running across the carpet… 


Friday, August 29th, 2008

Ever heard of Stinkerism?  Well, Carter’s got it.  It’s diagnosed in cases where the child is an extreme stinker – getting into everything he’s not supposed to and not listening to his Mama!  Carter has been in timeout more times than I can count this morning.  That STINKER! 

He’s repeatedly torn off little bits of toilet paper and tossed them in the toilet (letting the lid thump closed after each toss).  He climbed onto the BACK of the futon and sat there playing with a toy until I caught him.  He brought the step stool into the kitchen so he could reach a forbidden item on the counter.  He antagonized his sister by taking her fleecy.  And he intentionally stood in front of the TV to block Allison’s view of the Magic School Bus. 

I repeat…STINKER!

And yet, cuteness still abounds…he just brought me his boom-box toy and said, “uh-oh” as he pushed the button and nothing happened.  I turned it over and showed him the on-off switch.  He flipped the switch, pushed a button, and happily carryed it back to the play room.  Stinker.

Another Late Night for Our Little Girl

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Allison fought a nap this afternoon, but in the end she fell asleep.  A little later than normal and so she slept a little later than normal, too.  So, as expected, about an hour after we put her to bed, I heard her little feet on the stairs.  We let her stay up and watch TV with us.  She’s irresistably cute when she can’t sleep.  This is a cute picture of our pajama-clad sweetie.


Setting The Table

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The kids set the table tonight.  Here’s a picture – napkins and silverware askew.  Just one of those moments that I’d like to remember when the kids are big enough to help, but small enough to help in the way that only kids can. 


Prayer Request!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

OK.  As some of you know, we still have not sold our condo in Massachusetts.  It been one year this month.  URGH! 

And today I received a notice from the condo association that we need to replace our sliding glass door and kitchen windows due to wood rot.  (Yes, they can tell us to do this since windows are owner responsibility and rotting wood around the slider and windows allows water to seep in and rot the exterior portion of the building – and exterior is condo association responsibility.)  I’m not terribly surprised.  The windows and slider were on our wish list of things to replace… if we had stayed.

We have lowered the asking price of the condo many times and we keep hoping that someone will buy it!  It is in really good condition and is priced on the low side for that area…  But no condos have sold since our went on the market.  I heard from our realtor today and he has someone coming for a showing in the next day or two. 

Help us by praying that this showing brings us a buyer! 

Whose Bed Is It Anyway?

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Our little girl took a long nap this afternoon so it’s not surprising that she couldn’t sleep tonight.  The sweet little thing wandered into our room only 30 minutes after we’d put her to bed and only 10 minutes after she and Carter had quit talking – and she said, 

“I can’t sleep.  I had a bad dream.” 

I reminded her that you have to actually go to sleep to have a dream.  Then after 45 minutes or so of wiggling around in our bed, talking while we were trying to watch TV, and generally being as cute as she can be so she can stay up as late as possible (and she was very cute!), she had this to say,

“Dada, you’re bugging me.  Your blanket is bugging me!”

Whose bed is it anyway? 

Dance Recital

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

     Allison’s little dance class recital was this morning.  So cute.  She tries so hard to follow what Miss Cassie tells them to do!
     Carter was great and sat quietly and watched for the first half of the show – then he spotted some lillipops that someone had brought for the “party” after the show – the ways to get a lollipop then consumed all of his energy!
     Allison starts a Hip-Hop Tap dance class in three weeks!  That class will have a full recital after 12 weeks – costumes and everything.  I hear that it is really cute!

     Pictures are below.  I have only uploaded thumbnails since there are so many, but you can click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized picture.

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-1.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-2.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-3.JPG

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-5-shasse.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-6-crab-crawl.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-7-crab-crawl.JPG

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-4-passe.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-9-courtsey.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-10.JPG

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-11.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-12-tired-carter.JPG 

Happiness Is…

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

…having a big sister to snuggle with you after you boom your
lip on a toy and need a little rest and extra love.