Dance Recital

     Allison’s little dance class recital was this morning.  So cute.  She tries so hard to follow what Miss Cassie tells them to do!
     Carter was great and sat quietly and watched for the first half of the show – then he spotted some lillipops that someone had brought for the “party” after the show – the ways to get a lollipop then consumed all of his energy!
     Allison starts a Hip-Hop Tap dance class in three weeks!  That class will have a full recital after 12 weeks – costumes and everything.  I hear that it is really cute!

     Pictures are below.  I have only uploaded thumbnails since there are so many, but you can click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized picture.

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-1.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-2.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-3.JPG

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-5-shasse.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-6-crab-crawl.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-7-crab-crawl.JPG

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-4-passe.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-9-courtsey.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-10.JPG

2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-11.JPG 2008-08-26-dance-combo-class-recital-12-tired-carter.JPG 

6 Responses to “Dance Recital”

  1. Grandma Janet says:

    How precious. Great job,Allison! i loved seeing your pictures!

  2. Nana says:

    Allison, I loved your dance show! I wish I could have been there to see you, but I’m glad I got to see the pictures. I’m so proud you can dance so well!

    Love, Nana

  3. Lisa Samaniego says:

    Amy, your kids are adorable!

  4. Amy Jo says:

    Thanks, Lisa! Your kids are adorable, too! I always like seeing their Christmas pictures! I heard you were reading my blog!


  5. Lisa Samaniego says:

    I love a good blog! I like reading about your mommy adventures.