Ever heard of Stinkerism?  Well, Carter’s got it.  It’s diagnosed in cases where the child is an extreme stinker – getting into everything he’s not supposed to and not listening to his Mama!  Carter has been in timeout more times than I can count this morning.  That STINKER! 

He’s repeatedly torn off little bits of toilet paper and tossed them in the toilet (letting the lid thump closed after each toss).  He climbed onto the BACK of the futon and sat there playing with a toy until I caught him.  He brought the step stool into the kitchen so he could reach a forbidden item on the counter.  He antagonized his sister by taking her fleecy.  And he intentionally stood in front of the TV to block Allison’s view of the Magic School Bus. 

I repeat…STINKER!

And yet, cuteness still abounds…he just brought me his boom-box toy and said, “uh-oh” as he pushed the button and nothing happened.  I turned it over and showed him the on-off switch.  He flipped the switch, pushed a button, and happily carryed it back to the play room.  Stinker.

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