Suspiciously Quiet

The kids played outside for quite a while today – which is amazing because it is still 100+ degree outside here.  When they finally came in, Allison told me that she’d made a birds nest on one of our large boulders and that she put toys around it for the birds to play with.  Then she decided that she wanted to make a “bird paper doll”.  So, after about 5 minutes of Allison working at the craft table on the bird paper doll, it occurred to me that Carter was being suspiciously quiet.  He was over by the sliding glass door and I couldn’t see him.

ME:  Carter, what are you doing?

In  response I heard a little bit of rustling around, which only increased my suspicions.  Finally, after a long pause I heard a small voice say:

CARTER:  I’m listening for birds.

ALLISON:  While I made the bird paper doll, Carter said he’d listen for birds for me.

My little stinker was sitting quietly at the sliding glass door watching a listening for some birds to come to the “birds nest” that Allison had made.  I had no idea that he knew how to sit so quietly!!

Now they have taken a toy phone over to the sliding glass door to listen to bird “calls”.

2 Responses to “Suspiciously Quiet”

  1. Grandma says:

    Awwwww! That seems to be my constant comment on these writings,but this one is extra sweet.