Carter and Construction Paper

Today Allison and Carter were arguing over something at their craft table.  Apparently Allison wanted to share her project with Carter, but he wasn’t doing it right and so he had been banned from helping any further.  Before the situation got out of control, Super Mommy (me) had an idea…

ME:  Carter, do you want me to get you a big sheet of construction paper?

Carter’s enthusiastic, “Yes!” sent me to my secret stash of 20″ X 15″ construction paper that I keep just for instances like this.  As I am gently tearing a green sheet from the pad, Carter comes in…

CARTER:  Make sure it has lots of construction on it.

ME:  Oh Little Guy!  Construction paper doesn’t have “construction”.  In fact, it’s just colored paper.  I don’t know why they call it “construction paper – except maybe because you can “construct” things with it.

My explanation is lost on him…except for the part where he realized he wasn’t getting any “construction” on his paper…

CARTER:  Do you have some construction stickers?

2 Responses to “Carter and Construction Paper”

  1. Grandma says:

    Awwwww! So cute! Amazing what goes on in their heads!Sorry it wasn’t what he thought.

    So glad to see the revival of the blog!